The Documentary Showcase is a celebration of the work created by Southern Studies documentary students. This semester’s showcase takes place on December 2 in the Barnard Observatory Tupelo Room. Each artist will present samples of their work followed by a panel discussion and questions from the audience. For more on each artist and to see their final projects (when available) click the links below.

Click below to EXPERIENCE the work 

Amirhea Bishop | Harmony’s Dissonance (Photography)

Michelle Bright | SK8R Moms Get SK8 Done (Short Film)

Cole Canon | Acquisition and Place (Photography)

Elise-Joelle Denoulet | Skater Boys (Short Film)

free feral | 80 Acre Archive (Audio with Photographs)

Bethany Fitts | The Opposite of Loneliness (Short Film)

Lucy Gaines | You Are Here: Time, Place, and Mobility on the Natchez Trace (Photography)

Tamara Karakozova | Ukrainian Way: Life in the Time of War
in the Ukrainian communities of New York (Photography)

Logan Kirkland | A Fighting Chance (Short Film)

Greta Koshenina | Home (Photography)

Julia Kraus | Up Here on the Mountain  (Audio with Photographs)

Fred Nettles | “Gentle” Ben Williams: The Husband. The Grandfather. The Player (Short Film) and Cross the Railroads! (Photography)

Caroline Nolte | Roadtrip Religion (Photography)

Sandip Rai | Creating Life Through Art (Short Film)

Lilly Slaughter | Rootbound Farm (Short Film)

Kaitlyn Steinroeder | 4 Corners (Photography)

Olivia Whittington | Gateway Toys (Short Film)

Jai Williams | Harvesting Hands (Photography)

Jalon Young | Altha Mae’s Place (Photography)