Logan Kirkland
A Fighting Chance

In my years photographing different people, countries, events, and sports, there was always one project that I had consistent interest in, and that was boxing. Although I didn’t follow the sport, I’ve always had an appreciation for the bravery, determination, and competitiveness the fighters have–both before stepping in the ring and after landing the first punch. In this project, I attempt to show the brutal beauty of this calculated sport. Like pieces on a chess board, the wrong move could be the factor in you losing the match.

As boxers Gannon Hayes and Tyler Williams prepare to step in the ring, whether it’s through quick cardio exercises, or long sparring sessions with gym owner and trainer Codie Shuffield, we get a glimpse into their training, personal motivations, and the responsibility they have to their boxing family.

Straying away from the medium I’m most comfortable with, I decided to focus on film to gain more experience and because I felt this story would be best told through film.

In this dance between two fighters and their opponents, Hayes and Williams both hope to have their hands raised as the winner. Just as trainer TG says, “You’ve got a fucking puncher’s chance.”

Logan is an award-winning photographer and journalist with experience in daily newsrooms, marketing teams, and major magazines. In the past few years, Logan worked at Mississippi State University’s Office of Public affairs as a photographer before moving back to his alma mater to serve as one of the photographers with the University of Mississippi Marketing and Communications team. Logan completed his master’s degree in Integrated Marketing and Communications in May 2022, and now serves as the marketing specialist for the Division of Outreach’s Marketing and Communication Office. He loves spending time with his wife Caroline and his puppy Pepper and is always exploring new music and spinning vinyl records.