Jai Williams
Harvesting Hands

Harvesting Hibiscus

This body of work focuses on farmers Halima Salazar and Dria Price in Water Valley, MS whose lives are intertwined by a common thread, exploring African diasporic foodways. Together they are at the helm of multiple businesses such as—seed saving, pop-up dinners, growing southern and Nigerian produce, as well as cultivating tea. Thought to be native to either China or India, the hibiscus plant is known for its bright, red pods and healing properties. The purpose of this short series is to illustrate that intention matters, even with the smallest tasks.

jai williams

Jai is a southern photographer currently based in Mississippi. Bringing her clients’ vision to life through thoughtful and stimulating media. Jai specializes in culinary, travel, and cultural photography with a future interest in documentary projects. Jai was recently named as a Nathalie Dupree Fellow for the Southern Foodways Alliance (SFA) and looks forward to researching Black land ownership as well as documenting foodways throughout the South.