Sandip Rai
Creating Life Through Art

My MFA thesis is a short documentary film about three (possibly four) artists living in Mississippi. They are Andrew Bryant, Jared S Spears, Anne Scott Barett, and 5th Child.

We love to see the artwork of different artists, and we love to listen to their music but we actually don’t know the idea or story behind that artwork, we don’t know much about the artist itself. I want people to see them (artists) in their natural habitat, their normal life when they are not an artist. I want people to understand their life working and living in Mississippi.

Sandip in coat

Sandip Rai is from the country of the Himalayas, Nepal. He holds a B.A. in Film Studies and M.A. in Psychology from Tribhuvan University. Sandip has been working in filmmaking and digital media, ranging from feature-length films to film festivals. He loves to travel, meet new people and taste different local foods. He is serving as a Graduate Ambassador and Senator for Graduate Student Council, University of Mississippi. He wants to explore the south and document stories through his MFA in Southern Studies. And he believes that every story is unique and worth telling.