Greta Koshenina

Home is a documentary series of photographs that depicts the liminal space of one’s early twenties as they attempt to find where they belong. I explore these themes using three places I call home: my apartment, my parents’ house in Water Valley, Mississippi, and my boyfriend’s house across the street. The physical closeness of my boyfriend’s and parents’ homes allows these metaphors to come through in image. Is home where you grew up, where you spend the most time, where you keep your things, or where you feel most comfortable? Perhaps it is an amalgamation of all these, constantly evolving. I hoard these homes as I do memories and material objects. I am both nurtured and weighed down by this excess.

This photography project explores home as a transitory place carried through space and time as one moves through life; however, home can also act as a time capsule that encases memory evoking objects, creating a mythology of its own.

Greta Koshenina was raised in Water Valley, Mississippi. In May of 2020, she graduated from the University of Mississippi’s Sally McDonnell Barksdale Honors College with a B.A. in Classics and minors in Mathematics and Italian. Greta began working at the University of Mississippi Museum the summer of 2018 as an undergraduate intern, where she is now a Collections Graduate Assistant. Greta’s medium is photography, and her work focuses on family through memory and objects that are kept and passed down through generations. After Greta graduates with her MA in Southern Studies, she plans to pursue the Southern Studies MFA.