Free feral
80 Acre Archive

In 2018, as I was embarking on my journey toward a certificate from The Center for Documentary Studies at Duke (CDS), I met Annette Hollowell through a friend. She was beginning to take on stewardship of her family land, Foxfire Ranch, and I was interested in exploring inheritance in Black families. Within hours of meeting, we had merged our dream children into a single growing entity. Four years later, We Are the Promised Land is a podcast series in development. We have support from the National Performance Network, Sipp Culture, and Carpetbag Theatre. “80 Acre Archive” will likely appear as an episode in the middle of the series. In it, we give the audience an opportunity to get to know Bill Hollowell, Annette’s father, to see his relationship with the land he stewards, and briefly explore the tension of being a documentarian for a family that is not one’s own.

free knees in the grass

free feral works with sound, song and story to explore cultural technologies of survival and memory. As a writer, they like to explore non-fiction narratives through a poet’s eye view. In addition to their work as an audio producer, they have scored dance, theatre, and lm projects. In 2020 they cofounded Alphabet Sound Observatory, which offers free and affordable access to quality home recording equipment, mentorship, and training opportunities to BIPOC women and gender variant folk in New Orleans. They are currently pursuing an MFA in Documentary Expression from the University of Mississippi.