Below are links to suggested reading lists with various themes and topics:

This academic year, our programming theme is Mississippi Voices, and some of those voices are showcased in the Mississippi Reading List. The list was curated by Dr. Brian Foster, and is broken down by area of the state (Gulf Coast, Delta, Hill Country, Piney Woods, as well as works that encompass the entire state) and provides a list of fiction, non-fiction, podcasts, and documentary works.

In the aftermath of the recent injustices resulting in the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd, among others, Center faculty and staff curated “This Moment in America,” a list of articles, books, documentaries, oral history, music, photography projects, podcasts, and web resources to assist southern studies students and anyone willing to expand their knowledge of the history of anti-racism, race, and racism in America in order to recognize the multiple levels on which it afflicts this nation still. It is our hope that, in and out of the classroom, study provokes meaningful conversations and fuels change. This list is by no means comprehensive; it is composed of resources that were on the minds of our faculty and staff, and can be added to during the course of the academic year.