Core Faculty

Simone Delerme McMullan Assistant Professor of Southern Studies
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
662-915-7421 523 Lamar Hall
W. Ralph Eubanks Visiting Professor of Southern Studies, English, and Honors 662-915-1726 Barksdale Honors College 334
Brian Foster Assistant Professor of Sociology and Southern Studies 662-915-6533 Lamar 521
Darren Grem Associate Professor of History and Southern Studies 662-915-7734 307 Bishop Hall. Office hours by appointment.
Adam Gussow Professor of English and Southern Studies
Undergraduate Student Advisor
662-915-7333 C213 Bondurant Hall
Andy Harper Andy Harper Director of the Southern Documentary Project
Instructional Assistant Professor of Southern Studies and Journalism
662-915-1503 239 Kinard Hall
Kathryn McKee McMullan Associate Professor of Southern Studies
Associate Professor of English
Graduate Student Advisor
662-915-3371 216 Barnard Observatory
Ted Ownby, Center Director Ted Ownby Director and Professor, Center for the Study of Southern Culture
William Winter Professor of History
662-915-5993 209 Barnard Observatory
Catarina Passidomo Assistant Professor of Southern Studies and Anthropology 662-915-5993 112 Barnard Observatory
Jodi Skipper Jodi Skipper Associate Professor of Anthropology and Southern Studies 662-915-3468 311 Leavell
David Wharton David Wharton Assistant Professor of Southern Studies
Director of Documentary Studies
662-915-3377 210 Barnard Observatory
Jessica Wilkerson Assistant Professor of History and Southern Studies 318 Bishop Hall
Charles Reagan Wilson Professor Emeritus of History and Southern Studies

Associated Faculty

Mikaela Adams History
Adetayo Alabi English
Deborah Barker English
Scott Barretta Sociology and Anthropology
Anne Cafer Sociology and Anthropology
Kirsten Dellinger Sociology and Anthropology
Leigh Ann Duck English
Robbie Ethridge Sociology and Anthropology
Garrett Felber History
John J. Green Sociology and Anthropology / Center for Population Studies
Joan Wylie Hall English
Jaime Harker English
Jeff Jackson Sociology and Anthropology
Kirk Johnson Sociology and Anthropology
Cynthia Joyce Journalism
Marvin King Political Science
Elise Lake Sociology and Anthropology
Jon Moen Economics
John R. Neff History
Albert Nylander Sociology and Anthropology / McLean Institute for Public Service and Community Engagement
Minjoo Oh Sociology and Anthropology
Paul Polgar History
Jarod Roll History
Charles K. Ross History and African American Studies
Alysia Steele Journalism
James M. Thomas Sociology and Anthropology
Annette Trefzer English
Anne S. Twitty History
Jay Watson English
Curtis Wilkie Journalism