The Center hosts a special Monday Brown Bag Lecture on September 17 with Farrell Evans, whose talk, “Between the Curling Flower Spaces: Race, Golf, and the American South,” will center on the desegregation of golf in the South through the lens of Evans’s own journey as a golfer, journalist, and student of the American South. He intersperses literature, family stories, history, photography, and art to demonstrate the centeredness of golf in the unfolding of the civil rights movement. His talk will also reflect on the manners, rituals, and etiquette of the game that made it perfect for the strict social order of the Deep South. Evans is a former award-winning golf writer for Sports Illustrated, Golf, and The Forsyth, Georgia, native is now the executive director and cofounder of the Bridge Golf Foundation, a New York City-based nonprofit that uses golf to improve outcomes for young men of color.

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