On Giving Day 2024, the Center for the Study of Southern Culture is concentrating on the Marc Rosen Fund for Graduate Education. Thanks to Marc’s generosity—and yours—we are able to underwrite graduate assistantships for multiple students in our MA and MFA programs. The center of the Center remains students, students who go on to a variety of careers made sharper and more successful by their time reading, writing, and thinking in our interdisciplinary regional studies program, the first of its kind devoted to the U.S. South.

Please help us unlock Marc Rosen’s pledge of $7000 with your own gift. Throughout the day, additional challenges will be added to the Leaderboard. At these times, your gifts to the Rosen Fund will count toward unlocking Marc’s gift and toward the Center’s total individual donor count.

Giving Day is all about the numbers – not dollars. 
If we have the highest number of individual donors during these special challenges, we win additional funds for the Center. Here are opportunities to win prize money for the Center:

  • Special challenges  are announced throughout the day. They typically happen first thing in the morning, lunch time, and around 4 p.m.
  • Dean Cohen of the College for Liberal Arts has generously decided to gift the unit or center with the most individual donors an additional $2,500.

We are grateful for your support whenever we receive it.

Kathryn B. McKee

Director, Center for the Study of Southern Culture

McMullan Professor of Southern Studies and Professor of English

It’s easy to give! UM Giving Day accepts PayPal and all major credit cards

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