Southern Studies Undergrad and Grad Programs Announce Paper and Project Awards

At today’s graduation lunch honoring graduating B.A. and M.A. Southern Studies students, we recognized the following students for outstanding papers and documentary projects:

Gray Award for one of the best undergraduate papers:
Caitlin Kennedy, “Vengeance, Violence, and Vigilantism: An Exploration of the 1891 Lynching of Eleven Italian-Americans in New Orleans,” honors thesis in history

Coterie Award for one of the best undergraduate papers:
Liam Nieman, “Image is one Thing: Elvis as an Image of Mississippi”

Ann Abadie Award for the best documentary project
Rachel Childs, for her M.A. radio documentary, “A Body a Day: Constructing Deviance at the Mississippi State Asylum”

Sarah Dixon Pegues Award in the study of southern music
Keerthi Chandrashakar, “Seeing the Blues: Pride and Safety in Dress”

Peter Aschoff Award in the study of southern music
Katherine Howell, “The False Purification of a Hybrid Tradition: A Rhetorical Examination of the Racialized Connotations of Cultural Separation in Blues Authenticity Discourses”

Sue Hart Awards in gender studies
Victoria De Leone, for her thesis film, “Small Batch”
Hooper Schultz, “Family Matters: Amendment 1 and the Fight Over Marriage in North Carolina”

Lucille and Motee Daniels Award for the best project by a first-year graduate student in Southern Studies
Frankie Barrett, “‘S-Town:’ Construction of Place in a Serial Narrative Podcast”

Lucille and Motee Daniels Awards for outstanding Southern Studies M.A. theses
Jacqui Sahagian, “That Same Old Blues Crap: Selling the Blues at Fat Possum Records”
Holly Robinson, “Marketing the Myth: The Racial Commodification and Reclaiming of Aunt Jemima”