SouthDocs Film Exploring Mississippi State Flag Now Available to View Online

The Southern Documentary Project has made available online their 2017 film Flag Flap Over Mississippi following screenings in Oxford, Jackson, and broadcast on Mississippi Public Broadcasting.

Flag Flap, by filmmaker Rex Jones, includes interviews with Mississippians who discuss the state’s continued use of a flag which includes the Confederate battle emblem. While the Legislature selected the design in 1894 at the height of white supremacist violence and the codification of Jim Crow, some consider it a symbol of pride in the sacrifice of ancestors who fought in the Confederate army. The film explores these perspectives within the context of the current political environment.

The film includes interviews with several Mississippians, including Bertram Hayes-Davis, great-great-grandson of Jefferson Davis, local Civil War historian Starke Miller, attorney and Judge Carlos Moore, artist Laurin Stennis, Episcopal Bishop of Mississippi the Rt. Reverend Brian Seage, and DeBorah Simpson, flag activist. Along with the film, you can now view the full interviews used in the film at

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