Happy Retirement to Mary Hartwell Howorth

IMG_1894Mary Hartwell Howorth retires this week after 23 years working at the Center. She has been important to the Center’s work in countless ways, and Barnard Observatory won’t be the same without her. The many students, faculty, and staff she has befriended over the years will miss her greatly.

Mary Hartwell grew up in Sunflower County and attended the University of Mississippi. After college she worked for architectural firms in Houston and San Francisco, and then moved to Oxford in 1977. She’s married to Beckett Howorth and has two daughters, Vasser and Emma. In her retirement she’ll get to spend more time with her five grandchildren.

Thank you, Mary Hartwell, from all of us!

Speaking of long-serving Center staff, the university recently honored several SST people at Staff Appreciation Day. At this event, UM recognizes those who are celebrating work anniversaries in multiples of five, and then all of those who have been at the university for more than 30 years. From the Southern Foodways Alliance, Mary Beth Lasseter and Melissa Hall were honored for 10 years of service, and John T. Edge for 15. Most impressive of all is the Center’s Sarah Dixon Pegues, who has worked at the University for 34 years!

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