IMG_0769-1mckeeThe Award-Winning Katie McKee

Today, during the year end College of Liberal Arts faculty meeting, Southern Studies and English professor Dr. Kathryn McKee received the Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award. McKee, who serves as Graduate Studies Director for Southern Studies, previously received the CLA’s Cora Lee Graham Award for Outstanding Teaching of Freshmen in 2001.

“It is easy to talk about Katie McKee’s strengths as a teacher,” Center Director Ted Ownby notes. “First, she does an impressive job dealing with graduate students with an extraordinary range of interests. Second, she has helped bring the perspective of the Global South to Southern Studies classes. Third, her expertise in interdisciplinary teaching and scholarship has made her an ideal member of team-taught classes. Finally, like all really good teachers, she listens to students, takes them and their interests seriously, and sets high standards for writing and discussion.”

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