UM English Department grad students

The 20th Annual Southern Writers, Southern Writing Grad Conference will begin later this week.  This conference is led by graduate students in one of our partner departments, the University of Mississippi Department of English.

Center Director Dr. Ted Ownby will provide a welcome, and the Southern Foodways Alliance Board President Sara Roahen will give a plenary address.  Full schedule of events open to the public below.

Contact Thomas Bullington at swswgradconference@gmail.com for more information.

Friday 18 July 2014

8:45-9:15      Welcome—Bryant Hall, Farrington Gallery

Dr. Ivo Kamps, Chair, Department of English
Dr. Ted Ownby, Director, Center for the Study of Southern Culture

9:30-11:00    Simultaneous Sessions

Panel 1A—Lawyers and Orderlies
Bryant Hall, Farrington Gallery
Chair: Temple Gowan, University of Mississippi

“French Imperial Prescriptions and the Colonial Family: Understanding Agency in the Historiographical Discourse of the Lower Mississippi Valley, 1699-1763”
Jacquelyne Thoni Howard, Fordham University

“Legal Ideology in Southern Literature: The Southern Lawyer Character from 19th Century to Present”
Robert Raper, Northern Kentucky University

Panel 1B—Wandering, Wanderlust, and Lust
Bryant Hall, Farrington Gallery
Chair: Victoria Bryan, University of Mississippi

“The Circulation of Queerness and the Haunting South in Truman Capote’s Local Color
Jordan Savage, University of Mississippi

“The Poems of George D. Prentice and the Pathway to Alice McClure Griffin”
Keila Morris, Murray State University

Roundtable Discussion: Changing Campus Climate through Teaching
Bryant Hall, Farrington Gallery
Barry Hudek, Robert Raper, Madison Hedrick, Allison Combs.

1:00-2:30      Simultaneous Sessions: Bryant Hall

Panel 2A—Southernness and Belonging
Bryant Hall, Room 200
Chair: Alexandra Blair, University of Mississippi

“Duck Dynasty Table—Preserving The Last Supper in the New South”
Dexta Jean “Jeannie” Stone, Arkansas Tech University

“I Wanna Talk About Me”: IPA and Female Southern Identity
Katy E. Manning-Dodd and Ashley Schurtz

Panel 2B—Biblical Revisions
Bryant Hall, Farrington Gallery
Chair: Autumn Elizabeth, University of Mississippi

“Formal Eruption in The Outer Dark
George Mote, Lehigh University

“Killer Queen: Dirty Saints and Divine Hustlers in Tennessee Williams’s One Arm and Other Stories.”
Allison Combs, University of Mississippi.

Roundtable: Getting Poetry and Fiction Published
Anne Babson, Todd Gray

2:45-4:15     Simultaneous Sessions: Bryant Hall, Farrington Gallery

Panel 3A—Myth, Religion, and Doubling
Bryant Hall, Farrington Gallery
Chair: Scott Obernesser, University of Mississippi

“Toomer’s Soul”
Malcolm Tariq, University of Michigan

“The Influence of Myth on Quentin Compson”
Susan Wood, University of Mississippi

Roundtable: Teaching as a Graduate Student
Bryant Hall, Farrington Gallery
Victoria Bryan, Robert Raper, Barry Hudek, Madison Hedrick, Allison Combs.

4:30-5:30      Plenary Lecture
Barnard Observatory—Tupelo Room
Introduction: Dr. Ted Ownby, Director of the Center for the Study of Southern Culture, University of Mississippi

Plenary Lecture: “Documenting Sno-Balls and Ya-Ka-Mein: Food as a Product of Material Culture in New Orleans”
Sara Roahen, Southern Foodways Alliance

6:30-8:30      Creative Panel/Wine & Cheese Reception–Off-Square Books
(129 Courthouse Square)
MC: Marty Cain, University of Mississippi

Readings from the Prose and Poetry of:
Katie Todd, University of North Alabama
Anne Babson, University of Mississippi
Dominiqua Dickey, University of Mississippi

Saturday 19 July 2014 

11:00-12:30             Simultaneous Sessions

Panel 4A—Bodies and Memory
Barnard Observatory, Tupelo Room
Chair: Temple Gowan, University of Mississippi

“Flesh, Blood, and Bone: Physical Bodies in Yoknapatawpha”
Liana Kathleen Glew, George Mason University

“The South and the Flurry of Changes: Reading Faulkner as Historical Fiction”
Jeremy Wallace, California State University, Chico

Panel 4B—Home Away from Home
Barnard Observatory, Room 108
Chair: Victoria Bryan, University of Mississippi

“Just like home, eh? Home from home”: Graham Swift’s Global Reading of Faulkner in Last Orders
Shinji Ohno, University of Missisippi

“The Importance of the Southern Home: An Investigation of Southern Themes in Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun
William Murray, University of Alabama

Panel 4C—The Family in the South
Barnard Observatory, Room 109
Chair: Alexandra Blair, University of Mississippi

“(Re)producing Dixie: On the Proliferation of Pregnancy in William Faulkner’s Novels”
Katie Hamilton, University of Nottingham