Each year the Center gives several awards for papers and documentary projects, and the announcement is made at the Southern Studies Graduation celebration.  Here are the winners for 2015.

IMG_1389The Gray and Coterie Awards FOR the Best undergraduate papers in Southern Studies classes

Gray Award, Emelda Lee Miller, “Makin’ Whoopee with the Devil, A Brief Contextual Analysis of Bessie Smith’s ‘Devil’s Gonna Get You,’ and Lonnie Johnson’s ‘She’s Makin’ Whoopee in Hell Tonight”

Coterie Award, Frank Kossen, “This Train: Railroads and the Blues”

The Peter Aschoff Prize For The best papers on music of the American South

Yaeko Takada, “Ragtime Piano: Beautiful yet Sinful Music in the 1890s and early 1900s”

Chris Colbeck, “Southern Space and Sound.”

Ann Abadie award for Documentary Studies

Lauren Holt’s exhibit in the Gammill Gallery, “At the Habana Hilton, 1958,” Photographs from the Keating Collection”

Lucille and Motee Daniels Award for the Best Paper

First Year Winner: Irene Van Riper, “Towards Sustainable Community Development in the Mississippi Delta: A Review, Discussion, and Analysis of Two Public Events”

MA Thesis Winner: Kate Hudson, “‘Fixin’ To Tell’: Cultural Preservation, Multiculturalism, and a Delicate Double Commitment in Appalshop’s ‘Insider’ Activism.”