The Documentary Showcase is a celebration of the work created by Southern Studies documentary students. This semester’s showcase takes place on December 2nd, 6:30 pm at the Powerhouse. Each artist will present samples of their work followed by a panel discussion and questions from the audience. For more on each artist and to see their final projects (when available) click the links below.

Click below to EXPERIENCE the work 

Katherine Aberle | La Barbería (photography) and “Agitate, Agitate, Agitate” (short film)

Annemarie Anderson | THIS GARDEN: Oysters and Place in Spring Creek, Florida (photography)

Danielle Buckingham | The Poetry of Our Lives, ft. Sadia Hassan (audio)

Jessica Cobb | Charleston, Mississippi (photography)

Elise Joelle Denoulet | New Albany High School – A Homecoming Tradition (short film)

Bethany Fitts | Team Ra (short film)

Lucy Gaines | Freak Out: The Early Days of Bebop Record Shop (short film)

Stewart Hammons | The Life and Art of Rocio Harrelson (audio)

Christina Huff | The Hollidays in Mississippi (short film) and Sardis (photography)

Janeth Jackson | The Hope and Resilience of Holly Springs (photography)

Greta Koshenina | Mama’s Quilts (short film)

David Larson | Clarksdale Blues (short film)

Samira Luna |  Legacies (short film)

Kathryn McCullouch | Taylor, Mississippi (photography)

Sandip Rai | The Life of an International Student in Oxford (short film)

Emily Williams | We had to know who we were, we had to know who we weren’t: Jewish Race and Place in the American South (photography and oral history) and Whirlpool Trails (photography)