Throughout its history, the Center’s academic program has been the foundation of its work. Undergraduate students may pursue a major or minor in Southern Studies, and the Master of Arts program in Southern Studies remains the only M.A. program of its kind in the world.  Students take a combination of Southern Studies courses and those in other fields aligned with their scholarly interests, receiving a truly interdisciplinary degree.

Southern Studies faculty typically have a joint appointment in Southern Studies and another field, such as English, History, Sociology, or Anthropology.

Since the 1980s over 300 students have completed Southern Studies degrees, and many more University of Mississippi students have taken Southern Studies classes.

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    Prospective Students

    The Center offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees for students interested in interdisciplinary study of the American South.

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    B.A. Program

    The Southern Studies major and minor are interdisciplinary programs that combine required Southern Studies courses with courses from multiple disciplines.

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    M.A. Program

    The Southern Studies M.A. program attracts students with a range of scholarly interests and has three possible tracks: thesis, documentary, and internship.

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    Student Awards

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    High School - Eudora Welty Awards