What is the Academic Common Market (ACM)?

Southern Studies is an approved ACM program at the University of Mississippi.  This means we offer resident tuition rates for non-resident students!

Yes, this means you can major in Southern Studies (never a bad idea) and save big bucks on the cost of college, if you meet the following conditions of ACM:

1 ) Does your home state of residence offer Southern Studies as a B.A. degree at any state university or college?  If not, you can apply for ACM.

2) Are you enrolled “full time” (12+ hours/term) or accepted to the university to enroll “full time”?  If so, you can apply for ACM.

3)Are you ready to declare a major in Southern Studies and pursue coursework that will result in a B.A. degree in Southern Studies? If so, you can apply for ACM.

The application process is somewhat involved.  Hence, we encourage ACM applicants to begin the process at least three months before beginning SST coursework.

What follows may seem daunting, but never fear.  If you have any  questions regarding ACM, please direct them to SST’s undergraduate advisor: Dr. Darren E. Grem, Associate Professor of History and Southern Studies.  Click here for his faculty page and here to send him an email regarding your interest in ACM.

ACM Process

For a printable run-down of the process, click here.

1) The application formally starts when you apply in your home state for ACM approval.  That begins in different states with different institutions, but it should be googleable.  Just search for “Academic Common Market” and [insert home state] and start there.  Usually, the ACM office is housed in the state’s educational system.  For instance, in Georgia it starts with the University System of Georgia.  It’s similar in most other states, at least in the southeast.  The main thing is that your home state will check to make sure a public entity does not offer Southern Studies in your home state.  If it doesn’t, then you should be in the clear and they will issue (after a short review process) an ACM Certificate.

The ACM cannot be used just for a SST minor.  It must be used for a SST major toward a B.A. in SST.

2) Your home state should send the ACM certification to you and to the Provost office at UM.  The Provost office will check your major and we will make sure you are a major.    This is where you’re going to have to sit a while because you usually don’t declare a major until orientation/enrollment, which is in spring or early summer.  Note: If necessary for your home state’s ACM, we can issue a statement from SST’s undergraduate  advisor or our program’s chair that you are a SST student intending to study with us as a major.  Once that’s good, then the Provost’s office will send the undergrad advisor a certification.

3) Next, we will need to check over your intended coursework.  You’ll likely consult with an orientation advisor about this, although the undergraduate advisor in SST can be in the loop.  Regardless, before orientation and advising, there will be an advising block on your account.  Also regardless of who your advisor is, you and the undergrad advisor for SST will need to have a brief email exchange to square away your first-term schedule.  This is when ACM really counts. We’ll need to make sure you are signed up for at least one SST course at the 100 level and SST coursework moving forward each term.  That satisfies most home states’ and UM’s requirement of “progress toward major.”

4) After signing off on your coursework, SST’s undergrad advisor will add your ACM discount to our administrative module (it’s called SAP).  That will let the Financial Aid office know that they need to award you that discount come invoice time.

5) After that, you just have to show up for courses, study hard, and keep your GPA above 2.0.  For any course to count toward the major, it also requires a C or higher for a final grade.