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John T. Edge and the Southern Foodways Alliance

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Enoch Pratt Free Library


"Undercover Vampire Policeman" by Chris Zabriskie

"Csm" by Chad Crouch

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Wyatt Williams

Dustin Chambers


March: Book One by John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell

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Nashville Public Library, Special Collection


SMKA/808 Blake

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Jesse Paddock

The Royal Seven

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Beau Vorous

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Jon Sesrie-Goff

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  • William H. Chafe
  • Eddie Davis
  • Floyd McKissick Jr.
  • Rev. Douglas Moore
  • Andrew Porcelli
  • Virginia Lee Williams

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  • Eddie Davis
  • Kenneth Edmonds
  • David Hambridge
  • Doris Hughes-Moore
  • Frank & Marget Ballard & the Hayes Barton Cafe
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  • Virginia Lee Wiliams

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  • A/V Geeks
  • The Durham Business & Professional Chain
  • The Durham NC Office of Land Records
  • The Herald-Sun/PMG
  • Robert Lawson & The Carolina Times
  • The Library of Congress
  • The North Carolina Collection at the Durham County Library
  • The Southern Historical Collection at
    the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


“Brightening,” “The Falls,” “Meander,” and “GotSpark” by Sound of Picture Music

“Burning School” by Free Piece of Tape (Free Music Archive)

Rock Hill:

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Ellen Barnard

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Tom Pritchard

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Stacy Mahoney

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  • Clarence Graham
  • Willie McCleod
  • W.T. "Dub" Massey
  • James Wells


  • Brother David Boone
  • Mayor Doug Echols
  • Kimberly P. Johnson

1961 Cast

  • Carol Bruckner
  • Boyce Cauthen
  • Don Dragun
  • Cameron Drayton
  • Jeremiah Fewell
  • Ralph Gladden
  • Brandon Grate
  • Everett Johnson
  • Carlos Loaiza
  • Jarrion Manning
  • Alan Marine
  • Jordan Miller
  • Meghan Smith
  • Joel Watson


  • Machen
  • Charlton Singleton
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  • Frederick J. Taylor, Senior
  • The Love of Jesus
  • Verity Publishing
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  • Dottie France
  • Tom Glenn
  • Selena Keleman and Staff
  • Hal Kennedy
  • Katie Quinn

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U.S. National Archives

Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection,
University of Georgia Libraries


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Mimi Schiffman and Kate Medley

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Robby Piantanida


Gillicuddy from "... Play Guitar Again"

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Fred Blackwell

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Mississippi Department of Archives and History

Interview subjects:

  • Daphne Chamberlain
  • Colia Clark
  • Rev. Ed King
  • Bill Minor
  • Joan Trumpauer Mulholland

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  • M.J. O'Brien
  • Robby Luckett
  • Amanda Lyons
  • Andy Harper
  • Georgeanna Chapman
  • Peter Bell
  • Jean and Tim Medley