SFA Grad Student Conference this Thursday and Friday

popgoesthesouth-248x300The Southern Foodways Alliance’s Graduate Student Conference will explore pop culture in southern foodways this Thursday and Friday. The full schedule follows below.

The conference is presented by the Southern Foodways Alliance, the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, The Center for the Study of Southern Culture and the UM Graduate School

Exploring Pop Culture in Southern Foodways
2015 Graduate Student Conference

Yerby Conference Center, 689 Grove Loop

9:30 a.m.Welcome
John T. Edge, Director, SFA
Dr. Kirsten Dellinger, Chair, Department of Sociology and Anthropology
Dr. Ted Ownby, Director, Center for the Study of Southern Culture
Dr. Catarina Passidomo, Professor of Southern Studies and Anthropology

10:00–11:15 a.m.  Advertising and Nutrition
Moderator: Dr. Elise Lake
Emily Contois, Brown University, “Healthy Food Blogs: At the Crossroads of Nutrition Knowledge and Foodie Lifestyle”
Malik Hamilton, Chatham University, “Jiggly Pop: Cultural Relevance of ‘America’s Most Favorite Dessert’”
Nancy Gagliardi, New York University, “Of Mindstickers and Men: An Analysis of the Evolving
1960s Consumer Culture Through the Story and Selling of Tab”

11:30 a.m.–12:45 p.m.  Culinaria as Entertainment
Moderator: Dr. Jeff Jackson
Graham Hoppe, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, “From Pancakes to Paula Deen:
The Culinaria of Pigeon Forge”
David McRae, Appalachian State University, “Cookin’ Up Some Corn Pone: Food in the
Music of Tony Joe White”
Meredith Kelling, Washington University, “Eat or Be Eaten: Food in The Wire and in the
Modern City”

3:15–4:30 p.m.  Identity and Authenticity
Moderator: Dr. Minjoo Oh
Mary Somers Mitchell, New York University, “Identity Through Food: An In-Depth Look
at Culture in Durham, North Carolina”
Catherine Robertson, New York University, “Memories of Gumbo”
Benjamin Davison, University of Virginia, “When We Blackened Everything: Paul
Prudhomme, the Cajun Food Fad, and the Quest for Authenticity, 1979-1989”

4:30–6:30 p.m. Break

6:30–7:45 p.m. Keynote Address: Dr. Aaron Bobrow-Strain
Tupelo Room of Barnard Observatory

Yerby Conference Center
689 Grove Loop

9:00–10:15 a.m.  Sports and Gender
Moderator: Dr. Marcos Mendoza
Suzannah Schneider, New York University, “Failure is Not an Option: Vegan Men and
Superiority on Instagram”
Laura Hoffman, New York University, “The Super Bowl: National Day of Indulgence”
Dominick Tartaglia, Indiana University, “Jaws vs. the Tsunami”