Jing Niu is a first generation Asian-American who grew up working in take-out restaurants in the south who would later, against the advice of her parents, become an artist and filmmaker. Prior to creating independent films in LA, she produced videos for WIRED magazine, covering stories at the intersection of technology and lived experience. Jing is a member of awma (asian mamas working in the arts), an alliance of pan-asians who mobilize through programming and political actions. 

Her latest short HORNET’S REVENGE, funded by VC and Laika Studios through the AWC Film Fellowship, premiered at the 34th LA Asian Pacific Film Festival. Jing’s recently completed documentary THE TRAVELER TAKAMURE was awarded the Hellen Hill Memorial Grant for best film by a female filmmaker at the 2018 Indie Grits Film Festival. Jing will spend this fall as a Crosstown Artist in Residence writing a new webseries.