The Documentary Showcase is a celebration of the work created by Southern Studies documentary students. This semester’s showcase takes place on December 2 in the Barnard Observatory Tupelo Room. Each artist will present samples of their work followed by a panel discussion and questions from the audience. For more on each artist and to see their final projects (when available) click the links below.

Click below to EXPERIENCE the work 

Sarah E. Baker | Cannabis in Color (Short Film)

Amirhea Bishop | A Beauty Shop Hair Story (Short Film)

Ellie Black | My Mississippi (Short Film)

Cooper Caviness | My Mississippi (Short Film)

Elise-Joelle Denoulet | Mississippi Creates: Jerry Jenkins (Short Film)

Odinaka Kingsley Eze | The Nerds of Ole Miss (Short Film)

free feral | The Menu According to Big Mama (Short Film)

Bethany Fitts | Find Your Focus (Short Film)

Lucy Gaines | A Storyteller’s Remove and Alternative Gardens (Short Film and Photography)

Taylor Gunter | The Greek Receipt (Short Film)

Latrice Johnson | Feed Mississippi (Short Film)

Logan Kirkland | The Revolution of Gaming and What Are We Doing (Short Film)

Fredderick Nettles | New Purpose (Short Film)

Greta Koshenina | Mothers and Daughters:
A Reflection on the Cyclical Nature of Life (Photography)

Julia Kraus | Southern Hospitality (Short Film)

Noreen Ocampo | A Taste of Home (Short Film)

Sandip Rai | Living With Art – Mississippi Edition (Short Film)

Joseph Rogers | The Picasso of Moss (Short Film)

Lillian Slaughter | I Say See You Later and Mississippi Creates: Graham Hamaker (Short Film)

Jai Williams | In Search of Her Mother’s Garden (Short Film and Photography)