University of Mississippi

Brown Bag Lecture Series

The Brown Bag Luncheon Series takes place each Wednesday at noon in the Barnard Observatory Lecture Hall during the regular academic year. For more information, contact us.

Spring Semester 2014

29 Oxford Film Festival (February 6-9, 2014) Previews
Michelle Emmanuel, Molly Ferguson, Melanie Addington

A Small Step Show
Alpha Phi Alpha

12 Photographs from the Social South
David Wharton, Director of Documentary Studies and Assistant Professor of Southern Studies

17 A Monday Special Edition Brown Bag
“’Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler!’:  Documenting Mardi Gras cultures in Southwestern Louisiana”

Jodi Skipper, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
David Wharton, Director of Documentary Studies and Assistant Professor of Southern Studies

19 The New South Project: Photographing India and the Deep South: A Gammill Gallery Lecture
Brooke C. White, Associate Professor of Art
University of Mississippi

26 “Radicals on the Second Line: The Legacy of the Free Southern Theater in the Multicultural South”
Elizabeth Rodriguez Fielder, graduate student
UM Department of English

“Hunch, Theme and Theory: Strategies for Filmmaking as Research Practice, in the case of U Know Them By Their Fruit (2013)”
Shannon Magness, PhD.
University of Sussex, Brighton, England

19 The Southern Documentary Project Presents ‘Fifty Minutes with South Docs’
Andy Harper, Director, SouthDocs

26 “Sin & Salvation in Baptist Town:  A Photo Essay from Greenwood, Mississippi”
Matt Eich, Photojournalist
Norfolk, Virginia

2 Songwriting in the South:  Music of the South Conference, April 2-3
Mark Camarigg, Managing Editor
Living Blues Magazine

9 “Faith Powers and Gambling Spirits: Working-Class Belief and the Creation of Pentecostalism at the End of the Gilded Age”
Jarod Roll
Assistant Professor of History

16 “This Ain’t Chicago: Race, Class, and Regional Identity in the Post-Soul South”
Zandria Robinson, Assistant Professor of Sociology
University of Memphis

23 “Magic City Agriculture Project: Research in Practice in Birmingham”
Zachary Henson, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Southern Studies
University of Mississippi


Fall Semester 2013

11  “Women, Work, and Food”
Melissa Hall,  Assistant Director
Southern Foodways Alliance

18   “Mobilizing for the Common Good: The Lived Theology of John M. Perkins”
Peter Slade, Associate Professor of Religion
Ashland University, Ashland, Ohio

25   Thinking about William Faulkner’s Delta
Phillip Gordon, Instructor of English and Frances Bell McCool Dissertation Fellow for Faulkner Studies
University of Mississippi

2   “Demography is Destiny: Hispanic Migration, Racial Ambiguity, the Nuevo New South
Simone Delerme, Assistant Professor of Anthropology and McMullan Assistant Professor of Southern Studies
University of Mississippi

9   “Daughters of Israel, Daughters of the South”
Jennifer Stollman, Academic Director
William Winter Institute for Racial Reconciliation

16   “The Death of Mississippi House Bill 488: How Labor, Race and Political Alliances Stopped Immigration Reform”
Mary Stanton Knight, Broadcast Communications Specialist
University Communications

23 “Ireland, Scotland, and the Mind of the South”
Rankin Sherling, Historian and Research Consultant
Department of Culture, Arts, and Leisure of the Northern Ireland

30 Film by Matthew Graves
Documentary Projects

6 “Farish Street, Jackson, Mississippi”
Turry Flucker, Anna Hamilton, and Kate Hudson
Southern Studies Graduate Students

13 “Jewels of the Delta: Church Mothers”
Alysia Steele, Journalism Professional in Residence
University of Mississippi Meek School of Journalism

20 “In a New Land: Stories of African Immigrants & Their Children in the United States’ South”
Renee Ombaba
Southern Studies Graduate Student