University of Mississippi

Southern Writers, Southern Writing Graduate Conference

July 17, 2013 – July 20, 2013 all-day
University of Mississippi
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7:00-9:30    Meet and Greet—The Lamar Lounge (1309 North Lamar Boulevard)

Featuring a Creative Panel with Readings By:
Liam Baranauskas, The University of Mississippi
Jessica Comola, The University of Mississippi
Joe Zendarski, The University of Mississippi
Kieran Lyons, The University of Mississippi


8:45-9:15     Welcome—Barnard Observatory, Tupelo Room
Dr. Ivo Kamps, Chair, Department of English
Dr. Ted Ownby, Director, Center for the Study of Southern Culture

9:30-11:00 Simultaneous Sessions
Panel 1A—Authenticity versus “Truth”
Barnard Observatory, Tupelo Room

Chair: Sallie Anglin, The University of Mississippi

“Authenticity and the ‘Old West’: A Critique of Gleeson-White’s ‘Playing Cowboys: Genre, Myth, and Cormac McCarthy’s All the Pretty Horses’
Joseph Hogan, Grand Valley State University

“Gothic Reality: The Gothic and Grotesque in Dorothy Allison’s Memoir Two or Three Things I Know for Sure
Kasey Haessler, Berry College

“Faulkner on the French Stage: Samuel Beckett’s Response to the Requiem”
Dena Marks, Louisiana State University

Panel 1B—Representations of Region 
Barnard Observatory, Room 108

Chair: Dave Miller, The University of Mississippi

“Whose Region? American Society According to Ellen Glasgow and Willa Cather”
Dorette Sobolewski, University of Glasgow

“Disaster Families: The Function of Land in the Southern Regional Narrative”
Felicia A. Stinson, Kingston University

“‘If We’re Gone Level Things’: Populism, Ressentiment and Identity Politics in Tom Franklin’s Hell at the Breech
Barry A. Hudek, The University of Mississippi


1:00-2:30 Simultaneous Sessions
Panel 2A—Flannery O’Connor: Then and Now

Barnard Observatory, Tupelo Room

Chair: Sara Williams, The University of Mississippi

“Flannery O’Connor on the Kierkegaardian Novels of Percy and McCullers”
Troy Wellington Smith, The University of Mississippi

“Flannery O’Connor and James Joyce: A Study of Subversion in Epiphany”
Garrett Peace, Berry College

“Mid-Century Homophobia and Flannery O’Connor’s The Violent Bear It Away
Virginia Grant, Auburn University

“Flannery O’Connor: The Other and Terror in ‘A Good Man is Hard to Find’”
Rachel McCabe, SUNY University—Buffalo

Panel 2A—Rewriting and Breaking Codes
Barnard Observatory, Room 108

Chair: Josh Lundy. The University of Mississippi

“Faulkner’s Women: How They Deconstruct the Southern Code of Honor”
Elizabeth Manley, Mercer University

“‘Mah co-talkin’ is too deep’: Verbal Interplay and Patriarchal Oppression in Their Eyes Were Watching God
Matt Spencer, Eastern Kentucky University

“Salvation and Salutes: The Prophetic Impotence of King Barlo in Jean Toomer’s Cane
Candace P. Cooper, University of Texas—Dallas

2:45-4:15Simultaneous Sessions
Panel 3A—Spectacle
Barnard Observatory, Tupelo Room

Chair: Thomas Bullington, The University of Mississippi

“‘Better than Ben-Hur’: Sutpen’s Design and Violent Spectacle in William Faulkner’s Absalom, Absalom!
Brandon C. Brock, Mercer University

“The Spectacle of Cremation in Absalom, Absalom!
Victoria M. Bryan, The University of Mississippi

“Eroticizing Black Masculinity within the Spectacle of Lady Chablis”
Ren Denton, University of Memphis

Panel 3B—Bodies in Motion
Barnard Observatory, Room 108

Chair: Ben Child, The University of Mississippi

“Speed Demon: How Thomas Sutpen Drives Modernization in Faulkner’s Absalom, Absalom!
Sara Gabler Thomas, The University of Mississippi

“Resuscitating the Modern Flâneur: Speed and Flânerie in William Faulkner’s Pylon
Andrew T. Thomas, The University of Mississippi

“Mobile to Immobile: Exploring Movement in Sutton E. Griggs’ Imperium in Imperio, Charles Chesnutt’s The Marrow of Tradition, and Frank Webb’s The Garies and Their Friends
Zeba Khan, North Carolina A&T State University

4:30-5:30      Plenary Lecture
Barnard Observatory—Tupelo Room

Introduction: Dr. Leigh Anne Duck, The University of Mississippi

“Clanking Tongues: Trying to Say Across Disciplines”
Dr. Thadious Davis, University of Pennsylvania

6:30-8:30 Creative Panel/Wine & Cheese Reception–Off-Square Books
(129 Courthouse Square)

Readings from the Prose and Poetry of:

Katy Rossing, University of Alabama
Jason Stuart, The University of Mississippi
Todd Hawkins, Texas Tech University
Laura Steadham Smith, Florida State University

11:00-12:30     Simultaneous Sessions
Panel 4A—Racialized Legacies in Faulkner
Barnard Observatory, Tupelo Room

Chair: J. Christopher O’Brien, The University of Mississippi

“Architectures of Power in Absalom, Absalom!”
Alex Mooring, Mercer University

“Inheritance of the Past: Absalom, Absalom! and the Law of the Father”
CJ Triplett, Mercer University

“Becoming a Lawyer: Exploring Race and Identity in Light in August and Absalom, Absalom!
Rebecca Starr Nisetich, University of Connecticut—Storrs

“The Indeterminate ‘Nigger’: Lucas Beauchamp’s Mediated Identity in Go Down, Moses
DeLisa D. Hawkes, North Carolina Central University

Panel 4B—Throwaway Bodies
Barnard Observatory, Room 108

Chair: Kelli Purcell O’Brien, University of Memphis

“The Vulnerable Child in Russell Banks’s Lost Memory of Skin
Pamela Kirkpatrick, University of Arkansas

“The Child’s Body as Turf War Locus in O’Connor’s ‘A View of the Woods’ and Catlin/Gould’s ‘Half Measures: Breaking Bad Episode 32’”
Jessica Groen, Purdue University—Calumet

“Backyard Trails: Race, Sex, Sin, and the Women of Strange Fruit
Maia Butler, University of Louisiana—Lafayette