University of Mississippi

2013 Southern Studies Student Award Winners

2013 Award Winners

Lucille and Motee Daniels Award for the best thesis in Southern Studies
Katie Radishofski, “Last (Un)Fair Deal Goin’ Down:  A Case Study of the Racial Perspectives and Projects of Blues Tourism Superintendents in Clarksdale, Mississippi”

Joey Thompson, “I won’t be reconstructed”:  Good Old Rebels, Civil War Memory, and Popular Song”

Lucille and Motee Daniels award for the best first-year paper
Meghan Holmes, “The Land of Cotton: Using ‘Dixie’ and Cotton to Imagine the South”

Peter Aschoff Award for the best paper on southern music
Mary Elizabeth (Mel) Lasseter, “Chasing That Ghost on Stage:  The Haunted Continent and Andrew Bird’s Apocrypha”

Ann Abadie Award for the best work in Documentary Media
Chelsea Wright, for the photography exhibit, “Down Friendship: A Journey Home”

Gray Award for one of the best undergraduate papers
Caroline Gillespie, “Parallels in Plight: Finding Commonalities in African American and Latino Experiences in Post-Katrina New Orleans”

Coterie Award for one of the best undergraduate papers
Kate Kenwright, “Memphis Carnival Traditions: Maintaining Identity in Changing Society”